Sunday, September 5, 2010

that is all.
So, the girl of my dreams started dating again.. looking back i probably should of been a little more persistent. but i guess it just means it wasn't supposed to happen.. shit really sucks when you hold that love for over 5 years. but life ... shall go on.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

seeing this kinda makes me wonder how much of this actually happens in other anime/shows/movies


so i got all these movies in my dvd collection.. got any others you think im missing.

8bitpeoples updated again.. for those who've never been its mostly a hub for 8bit music genre , for those who recently started to like the whole scott pilgrim stuff, anamanaguchi has done the soundtrack for the video game, anamanaguchi popped up on 8bitpeoples a few years back and now they're starting to get rather popular. for those who wanna be an ass and grab a bunch of free music you can go here, your better off going through with ftp though so you can just que them all up.

also. i thought id add who did the graphics for the scott pilgrim game , im sure a lot of people can recognize his work when they see it but the artist behind the screen is paul robertson

haven't touched the blog in a while i need some idea's

not much going on in life at the moment. been playing a lot of wow and talking with some old friends... the whole g1 scene kinda fell behind for me.