Saturday, September 4, 2010
8bitpeoples.com updated again.. for those who've never been its mostly a hub for 8bit music genre , for those who recently started to like the whole scott pilgrim stuff, anamanaguchi has done the soundtrack for the video game, anamanaguchi popped up on 8bitpeoples a few years back and now they're starting to get rather popular. for those who wanna be an ass and grab a bunch of free music you can go here, http://ftp.se.scene.org/pub/scene.org/music/groups/8bitpeoples/ your better off going through with ftp though so you can just que them all up.

also. i thought id add who did the graphics for the scott pilgrim game , im sure a lot of people can recognize his work when they see it but the artist behind the screen is paul robertson


MKM said...

Thanks for the website to 8bitpeoples!


Come At Me Bro said...

This is awesome!

forthellz said...


nice blog

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Augustin said...

Haha, oh wow, this is fucked up

Rick said...

I think my brain exploded from that .gif